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Call me, call me

Sharply Dressed Decadent
29 September 1988
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[new] Wow this is old and embarrassing!! leaving it up for memories tho. I'm on tumblr @marchingfishes, hmu[new]


Here are some facts about me //
- ISFJ personality
- Big dreams, low motivation
- Enjoys working outdoors
- Patient
- I wear earthy flat tones, but my language is very colorful!
- Obsessive Compulsive
- There are germs EVERYWHERE щ(°Д°щ) "Don't touch me, I'm sterile!"
- If I enjoy something I really enjoy it, if I dislike something then I won't talk about it
- I try and be a blunt as possible with my emotions, I don't hide many things.
- If I AM hiding something you won't find out from reading me

I like cartoons, comic books, games, fruit, and learning.

Going back to Durham Tech when crisis with family dies down.

I am playing World of Warcraft
Catch me on Winterhoof server as 'Loremaster' DustyCough [80 Troll Elemental Shaman], 'Bloodsail Admiral' Ursaring [80 Troll Feral Druid], and 'Ambassador' Mosseater [80 MM Troll Hunter] My main is 'Loremaster' DustyCough

No longer playing Fusion Fall.
Player name is 'Admiral Ursa'.

I am playing Neopets.

Some of my favorite fandoms:

Some of my favorite characters:

Some of my favorite friendships/pairings (Guess which is which~):

Some of my favorite animals:

Dynamic Entry!»naruto: jutsu's/technique's

Asa Kujaku [Morning Peacock]»naruto: jutsu's/technique's

I'm With Toad


[New Pokemon ID Card will go here soon]

Team Rocket is hole diggin' Love

Jack Spicer is retardedly cuteEVIL love

Taichi is Pervy Love
Taichi is Pervy Love

Thorney Towers is clinically insane love.

BJ is Love

-- Beetlejuice LiveJournal Theme was created from scratch by me (delicious S2). Also, unless I got it from anyone else, you can use any icon of mine you want; credit isn't mandatory, I don't care. ::

You're at the end.

300km/ph, age-inappropriate crushes, animal hybrids, arashi no yoru ni, are you the milkman, banana stickers, beetlejuice, betelgeuse, cephalopods, christopher moore, comic books, courage the cowardly dog, cowboy bebop, crispin whytehead, cryptozoology, dead like me, destroy all humans, dethklok, dexter's labratory, digimon adventure, digimon world, district 9, dr. loboto, ed edd n eddy, freakazoid!, from eroica with love, frost shock, g-men, gai pimpmaster, gai/everyone, gas station of solitude, good omens, gorillaz, hash'ak'gik, ichthyology, it's been scientifically proven, jack spicer, james is gay, jurassic park, kablaam!, kinky mutant sex, lawn dogs, lee's eyebrows, legacy of kain, marine life, megas xlr, metal working, metalocalypse, mighto gai, mina and the count, mollusks, mortimer toynbee, mythology, nextwave, not taking fandom seriously, octopuses, oh yeah! cartoons, pachycephalosaurus, paleontology, paleozoology, playing with fire, poison type pokemon, pokemon, preacher, psych, psychology, psychonauts, queershipping, r*cketshipping, rasputin aquato, robot chicken, rootbeer in the ass, sakujo!, singing disney songs, sloths, sly cooper, snakes in bad places, snakes in good places, spoilers lol, spyro the dragon, static shock, stinky hat, subtle sexual humor, sunshowers, surface, taishiro, taito, team fortress 2, team rocket, tf2, the adams family, toad/rogue, urban legends, vultures, welding, where is the milkman, who is the milkman, wobbuffet, wow, x-factor, x-men, xiaolin showdown, yaranaika, youthful rope burns, zombie jiraiya, zombieland, zombies, щ(°Д°щ), ಠ_ಠ, ಠ_ೃ